Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Something Interesting?

I'm sure something interesting must have happened in the last few days but nothing floats up immediately. I saw the first episode of the U.S. version of Touching Evil and Jeffrey Donovan is again a sexy beast (possibly even hotter than in Burn Notice). I read an interview with him on jeffreydonovanfans.com and was unimpressed though- his Touching Evil interview was so funny! I like to think it was just an off day... Anyway, I'm now downloading the most recent interview video on the website, and we'll see then, won't we? Honestly, how can a man who refer to an image of himself as "Jeffrey 'airbrush' Donovan," not be wonderful? It is better for my fantasies if he is, so we'll leave it at that.

I'm trying to add ReBoot terms, as well as other nerdy elements, to my vocabulary. From ReBoot, I have: "By the Code!", "Alphanumeric!," "Pixellacious!," "Totally random!," and "Stay frosty!". Obviously, these will be easily incorporated. When my ReBoot pin comes in, I will be so awesome, it will be ridiculous. Try to hold in your massive excitement (and don't explode). Unfortunately, some of the catchphrases from other shows are just too common (as in, too cool to be of the nerdy level I attempt to achieve): "Engage," "Make it so," "Trust no one," "I want to believe," etc. etc. etc. Instead, you have to alter them, to say things like "pull a Picard" or describe your belief as "Mulder-esque" or call someone a Scully (though I guess she's not the skeptic in the latter seasons O.o ruins me for life.)

I usually can go into a sidetracked happiness with a few lines from Beauty and the Beast or the Sloppy Seconds Song "I Don't Wanna be a Homosexual". Namely, "It's true, Lefou!" and "Don't tell me that!" fade into song. If you do it deadpan, people don't recognize what you're doing right away. Hoorah.

Okay, so I just watched the interview for Burn Notice and Jeffrey Donovan is too cute in it to be real. He is obviously a figment of my imagination. God, I love imagination. It's so sexy and spy-y. New season yay but I will have to wait another week. In the while, I'll submit to Buffy-ness, Angel-ness, Lois and Clark-ness, and, if ever if finishes bloody downloading, Jeffrey Donovan Touching Evil-ness. Oh, and I guess, In Plain Sight-ness because Marshall tugs at my heart strings galore.

I may watch to much TV....

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