Monday, February 9, 2009

*Must... Update...*

But it just seems silly, since everyone I was keeping informed through this blog whilest in Japan now lives v. close to me and is in touch in non-electrical ways. Gah, but you see, my writing has gotten all insane today. I cannot make sense at all, which I assume is simply a result of reading poor translations or reading Japanese and poorly translating in my head. Perhaps it is simply the case that no one can translate Japanese elegantly, least of all me.

Anyway, must find a book club. I had one in Tokyo, you know. There are some in the North Seattle area but they seem to read silly books a lot (seriously. I'm not just being hyper critical.). I don't know. Maybe I ought to suck it up and read things that don't interest me more. Or not. Dang, feeling indignant- rawr.

Also, there are some Japanese-speaking groups in the area which probably end up a lot cheaper for practicing one's language skills (or lack thereof) than tutoring. So will perhaps not increase tutoring time but, instead, join one of these groups?

Must also find new job. Ah, there goes the Hemingway-esque fragmentary writing style. I knew it would return. In any event, there are many jobs in daycare with people going back to work and all, and most seem to pay in the range that I'm hoping to slip into. Slight panic at thought of panic.

On the South Beach diet. First two weeks= carb flush-type thing. Since it is the official day one, I cannot tell you if it goes well or not. We shall see? I get my graduation gown May 26th-ish, so I suppose that'll be the goal for the weight I want gone to be zapped. Or turned into muscle. Those are the options. I suppose, it could all float into my hair as well. That would be interesting....

Paperwork on law suit= death. 25 pages of death. Will not cry. Or will now cry, and it was a typo?

OH, and on the airplane, I got sick. Yes, v. As in, ran to the bathroom, could not read, could not listen to music sick. I did watch movies though, except they only let you see a max of three and the audio was off for Rachel Getting Married. So, I ended up seeing The Secret Life of Bees (I got about 75% because the audio was off on that too, a bit), Flash of Genius (the Greg Kinnear one with the windshield wipers), and Max Payne, because there were really no other choices by the time the third movie rolled around. Ah, it was gloriously terrible. There's a new drug on the streets. 99% of people who take it are chopped into a zillion pieces (mind you, somehow by the drug itself). 1% become invincible (except, apparently to Mark Wahlberg, who plays Detective Max Payne, yes that is his real name, who kills many of these immortals?!?!?). Hm, I wonder what random hero of the movie will turn out to be in that 1% by the end of the movie?

And the fellow frowns all the time except in one flashback scene before his wife and daughter were killed, in which you learn that Mark Walberg really is a cutie patoot, but only when he smiles. So, why would he be in a movie that required so much moping? He cannot brood, He is not David Boreanaz. Hells no.

I'll try to put some more info-ness-ish-esque-whatever later. Peace


Edit: Oh, and I finished Atonement, and liked it a great deal. Also read The Great Blue Yonder, which was short, and alright. Wasn't genius, but I liked it. Kayoko gave it to me <3

Now, I read Letters to a Young Poet by Ranier Maria Rilke

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