Monday, February 2, 2009


From sightseeing. Came home at 6:00 today because I got so sightseed out. So many errands to do tomorrow too! Must list them in a bit, so as not to forget anything. Day after tomorrow is the RETURN day.

Today, Kayoko and I journeyed West (or East or North or South... or the same with lower case letters to begin with) to Mitaka to the Ghibli Museum. Which is a *magical* place, though you cannot take pictures within. You can, however, buy postcards, which are essentially pictures other people have taken of crap you may or may not be interested in having pictures of, that you have to fork out the cash for. I did buy some postcards, so I'll scan those when I get back to show to you.

Anyway, I saw the cutest mini-film (you get to see one for free with your ticket) called Mizugumo Monmon (水グモもんもん)(it is the SECOND film shown in pre-view, with the water spider):


The title means "Water Spider Monmon". A water spider is a real bug! Isn't it cute in the movie!? Even though the real ones are scary. I really liked the movie, but you can't get it anywhere (I already tried the torrents and etc but if you are talented enough to find it, I'll scream in happy way.... you know what I mean). He falls in love with one of those bugs that skates on the top of the water and saves her from a fish! Then she takes him on a skating ride and ends up having to save him from a fish. V. short (15 mins) with no dialogue but V. CUTE!!!! I got some merchandise to show y'all when I return.

(More pics on this page, halfwayish down:

Anyway, the Ghibli Museum had a lot of exhibits showing how the magic of animation works. Miyazaki is not afraid of people stealing his animation secrets or anything! You can see the whole process! Also, the buildings are full of fun little details like a random bridge, cages around the staircases, a giant robot (actually, God of Protection... but he LOOKS like a robot), etc. The care was also v. reasonably priced and tasty, with cute details as well- like a wood-burning stove with a kettle on top. ^___^

Went to a lot of Book Offs because Kayoko is looking for something. Got pooped!

Pics of Mt. Takao from my cell phone:
Ghibli Museum pics (but v. few, as result of no camera rule):

To do tomorrow:
Clean bathroom and room to be spotless for departure
Do laundry to have clean clothes in luggage in case of thorough examination by airport peoples
Cancel cell phone (3-4 hours- gah!) and pay bill
Take disposable camera to one hour photo shop down street to drop off
Pick up photos ^^*
Take out trash that has accumulated during stay (O.O aka school work that's been handed back plus plastic bottles of finals writingness)
Send e-mails to profs with attached papers JUST IN CASE (am not paranoid am not paranoid)
Confirm flight details and reprint a few more times (not paranoid...)
Stop by university to sign for February scholarship moneys
Pack up non-returning books in bag for M. to donate to school
Weigh luggage O.o pray that it will be under weight limit!!!!!!
E-mail Kayoko for breakfast plans on Wed.
Ask mom to make sure I haven't forgotten v. important randomness!!!!!!!!!!!!! <--- deserving of that many exclamation points.


R: Atonement
L: Typing....

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