Thursday, September 20, 2012

GRE Silly-ness

It's actually spelled "silliness" but doesn't that look weird? Anyway. It is really hard to come up with the names of random people you want to cite as examples for the GRE. I mean the perfect examples. I wanted to bring up a particular conceptual poet and her work on FLARF, but I could not remember her name or the title of the work (I got to, "I think it's Vanessa something..."-- I was actually thinking of Vanessa Place's "what does that say about me" poem). Anyway, I couldn't come up with the name so, instead, I cited myself. I actually do have a published FLARF piece. And, I know that the graders of the writer portion can't see your name. So why not? It was a lot more amusing at the time... Anyway, it's nice to be able to mock the wickedness of the ETS machine in some way. And thank goodness it's over! (again...)

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