Monday, March 30, 2009

*Ah, So THAT'S How I Managed to Keep a Daily Blog for So Long*

App. school just does it to you. You're studying and studying and studying and then you wonder how much more of this nonsense your brain can take before turning into tofu (raw, not fried, is the image I get). Suddenly! Inspiration! Attacks! I shall procrastinate, weeeee! And the best way is to tell yourself you are doing it for the good of others (i.e. you, my gentle readers), which, of necessity (or so I think?) leads to blogging.

Am genius of words? Wordsmith deluxe?

First day of class was today, and there was only the one. Just Philosophy. Which was enough, I think. The teacher seems v. nice (I like his voice) and is handsome (I think everyone's good looking, if you didn't know, esp. Charlie Chaplin- rawr... though not anymore given that he's all corpsey.... bad joke). However, studying this Nishitani "What is Religion?"-ness does strange, unpleasant things to aforementioned brain. Like make it work hard. I think working on the New York Times crossword is enough bullying for one day. But the Fates seem to disagree.

Silly Fates.

Will update on status of other classes tomorrow. Let us hope they do not turn out to be death on wheels. Why on wheels? Because my brain's halfway to being a delicacy, is why.

But enough of this mumbo-jumbo (that's not the term I was thinking of...), I must to work return get. And brain to tofu electrify! Huzzah!


p.s. just finished Caramelo and read all of Mother Tongue by Ramirez (???? did I pull that from a random crevasse in my skull?)

Reading (now): Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel (for Meetup Bookclub thing), Religion and Nothingness by Nishitani for Philosophy (which I can only endorse as a fine tofu-maker... though my tofu brain has yet to be sampled, thank God. There's never a Hanibal Lector around when you need one???)

Listening to: Walkin'- Miles Davis (he doesn't distract, which isn't a compliment, really...)

EDIT: Am liar to nth degree. Too tired to continue. Must instead get up 1/2 hr earlier than was plan. Le gr. Have not finished enough. However, can in future split up phil readings so as to prevent insanity (hoorah!) and reading other-ness in between, in manner of Grace Kelly. Though perhaps ever so slightly less elegant under pressure. (If you got the reference, then extra <3)

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Anonymous said...

Glad you are back to writing - keeps me entertained. m