Tuesday, March 31, 2009

*Philosophizing is Rough*

So is the teacher's syllabus. Do I need to do a precis? Or not...? Don't want to but the uncertainty of it all makes it certain- gah! Through listening to the radio one may encounter the presence of the omnipotent being but, if not, then she shall encounter nihilism. If not, then by not experiencing nihilism she is experiencing nihilism. Oy.

My Chicano/a Lit teacher was not there but a sub gave us the syllabi. I should probably read that... we did crazy free writing exercises, which is never good when you're PMSing. Hrm.

I already knew the other prof. Must study UN-ness and become International Rights guru. Or at least get an A. Really, I suppose an A is not necessary either. Hoorah for un-lofty goals.

And back to work we go.

Reading: The same things as yesterday, only have finished the chapter in Religion and Nothingness, though am not content that I know it so much as it knows me. What?!


Music: Random Au Revoir Simone songs.

Oh, here is a poem by Chrystos read in class today (she's an American Indian poet):

In the scars of my knees you can see
children torn from their families
bludgeoned into government schools
You can see through the pins in my bones
That we are prisoners of a long war
My knee is so badly wounded no one will look at it
The pus of past oozes from every pore
This infection has gone on for at least 300 years
Our sacred beliefs have been made into pencils
names of cities gas stations
My knee is wounded so badly that I limp constantly
Anger is my crutch I hold myself upright with it
My knee is wounded
How I Am Still Walking


chi-town claudio said...

...but not philosophizing is even rougher!

ahoy, Cap'n! glad to see you're still blogging, thinking, doing. a writing dynamo! hope all's well. you in japan?

hey, my Nanowrimo book about the Seminoles is going to press soon. in the Forward, i plan to give a high-5 to my ultra-supportive Nanowrimo bud, you!

new e-mail add: claudewalker3@yahoo.com

Cap'n Mandy said...

Hello! I'm back from Japan now. We're still getting snow in Seattle- in April!

What title did you choose for your novel? I think you posted it, but I don't remember.