Saturday, March 28, 2009

*Garfield Minus Garfield

You've probably heard of this thing because it seems to be getting a lot of attention (esp. in the comicstrip industry) but I thought this one in particular was hilarious:

It's a strip where they post Garfield comics but delete Garfield himself from the strip. Is sometimes v. amusing (Jon always seems so existential).

Send me amusing things like this because I shall need them with the school up and starting again. Do not want to write zillion page paper on Mahayana Buddhism. Esp. from a teacher who doesn't specify that it'll be about Zen Buddhism, more particularly. Esp. from a philosophical vs. religious perspective. Whine, moan, kick and scream.

My tantrum is complete.

Have read a million.5 books and cannot thing when last I told you what I'd been reading, so here are some, in reverse order of when I read them:
The Alchemist
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Sharp Teeth
Wolf Boy

Am currently reading Caramelo for Emerging Subjectivity in Chicano/Chicana Literature (a class), which I'm mostly taking because it was all that was available at the necessary time (because I had to sign up for another class first because they told me I needed it because they are bad at their jobs, which, as I see it, is to help me). Goodness glaciers, this book is unpleasant. And 400+ pages (I am addicted to books that are under 200 pages, such as The Alchemist and the Perks of Being a Wallflower), though the next novel for that class (and by "next" I mean only other one that has arrived from Amazon yet because of massive errors and them not sending them until today grrrrr, what the heck did I do 3-day deliver for anyway if it takes 5+ days?) is less than 200 pages- huzzah!

Other class will be on Human Rights... don't remember course title actually but had teacher before and got A easily. Am hoping she has not been transformed into Nazi-type in last year. Let us pray.

V. churchlike.

Might post a short story on here. Going to try to edit it tomorrow and then maybe will put it up so you'll read it and tell me I'm brilliant because, really, what else could you say? Really. (Hint: Constructive criticism = death to my heart). Jk?

Bebita is getting big- saw another newborn (is Amelia still a newborn technically or now an official "infant" or are newborns infants as well? Oh the tech of it all. I like to say Amelia with a Spanish accent ^_____^ and add Bedelia). In Caramelo they refer to loved ones as mi cielo (my sky) in reference to Heaven. Isn't that sweet?

Or, isn't my Spanish rotten/I probably forgot and ruined it all- glah!


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