Friday, June 6, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

Except I don't really feel guilty about them. I've recently become an ardent fan of jelly beans. I'm thinking that this is probably because I can't tell what a flavor is just by looking at it, so jelly bean eating adds a degree of mystery to my life. For the most part, I know that yellow and green are good and red and brown are almost always bad- and I'm very good at detecting buttered popcorn (Why would they even make this a jelly bean flavor) but beyond that I'm lost. The same reasoning probably explains why Mystery Flavor is my favorite dum dum.

Shoddy internet connections are ruining my experience with another guilty pleasure, Puzzle Pirates (argh). It's an online multi-player puzzle game (many puzzles) and you go around performing them with your own little pirate character. Mine is named Mallay and she's dressed to the nines because I forked out the $70/yr this year and last so that I can buy the subscriber only clothes AND play all the puzzles everyday. And they randomly give subscribers presents from time to time- hoorah! My favorite puzzles are shipwrightery (like a jigsaw puzzle but not really) and sailing (like Tetris but not really). I also love Hearts but it's a betting game, so I only play when I've extra POE (pieces of eight) to burn. Right now I'm saving up for a new pet though..... poor Courtney the Rat (current pet).

I'm also a YouTube addict (but who isn't?). Unfortunately, I need to find more channels to subscribe to. Right now, I'm subscribed to KevJumba, HappySlip, 5awesomegays, Itsjustsomerandomguy, and DisneyKid1. They are all comedy channels, which probably speaks poorly for me, though I assure you, I am VERY serious. -.- <-- like this.

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