Saturday, December 3, 2011

editing, step one

Am going to super congratulate myself for doing the hardest step of editing.  Which is to say that I printed the book out...  In any case, now it is printed and sits on my shelf taunting me, saying terribly cruel things like, "You killed the rainforest for no reason if you don't finish meeeeee!"  (Imagine Jacob Marley voice from Muppets version)

But I think it may be a monster.  It may have come from watching "Blink" of Dr. Who.  That episode has weeping angel statues that come to life and run to kill you whenever no one's watching them.

Obviously, if I ignore it long enough, the manuscript will come to life and paper cut me to death.

Although, dying in such a way may make novel famous despite lack of editing...

Decisions decisions.

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