Thursday, December 8, 2011

Therapeutic Unkindness

Sending unkind thoughts to a certain person but don't want to be too mean.

Thus, the following mini means are wished in recompense for a great cruelty:

  • Premature balding
  • Unanticipated reruns versus new episodes of favorite shows
  • Strange song stuck in head for days on end
  • Favorite pen run out of ink
  • Misplacement of wallet and/or briefcase/keys
  • Accidental buying of 96% brightness versus 100% brightness paper
  • Clocks five minutes off
  • Pillow mark on face all day
  • Only decaf available
  • Too much salt in dinner (unless will send back, in which case, retract)
  • Unmitigated dust accumulating on desk
  • Bird poop on car window (if no car, on bedroom window)
  • Cowlick
  • Strange noise of refrigerator that will go away after two days
  • Food mess (not staining) on front of shirt
  • Romantic comedy turning out to be horror movie that keeps up for at least an hour at night
I'm out.  I think that is a lot of ill will.  Feel much better though.  Le sigh!

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