Monday, September 8, 2008


I figured out how to write in Japanese on my Mac, obviously... Hoorah! It's actually really easy, but let's pretend, for the sake of my ego, that it is terribly difficult. What a talented lass I am. Or not.

So, here are the gifts I am taking to Japan. Woe to me, how to know what to give to who? And how to wrap between customs and meeting my student helper? Very little time!

Yankee Candle:

Six-- blurbs about how to use the candles and how they're made. To make it look all fancy
One-- French Vanilla votive candle
One-- Chocolate Cupcake votive candle
One-- Pumpkin Pie votive candle
One-- Harvest votive candle

The lady at Yankee suggested these scents. I think French Vanilla is the most popular. My favorite, by the by, is Christmas Cookie. It's only available at Christmas though, so I hope I get back in time to stock up!

Bath and Body Works:

One--Wild Honeysuckle Hand Gel
One-- Sweet Pea Hand Gel
One-- Midnight Pomegranate Hand Gel

What is a midnight pomegranate anyway? Crazy names.

Disney Store:

One-- Stitch Halloween Plushy (he's wearing a black cat costume)-- for Mari (she loves Stitch)
One--Pluto t-shirt for little boy (for Mrs. Lamba's little boy-- just in case we meet!)
Two-- Aristocats sticker sets
Two-- Cars sticker sets

Mariner Store:

Twelve-- Official schedules- with Ichiro on the front (yay!)
Five-- Mariner pens
Three- Mariner Notepads
One-- Ichiro phone charm


1/2 lb. Pike Place Roast-- only available in Seattle! Yay for originality?

Made in Seattle:

8 0z. Salt Water Taffy (I want to eat it! mmmm)
Six-- Seattle keychains
Ten-- Seattle postcards (my guidebook says that postcards from home are very popular)
Four-- mini jams
Six-- Seattle pencils
Two-- lucky penny keychains (also supposed to be very popular)


Four-- Disney Halloween ornaments (because ornaments are so popular for Halloween?)

So, how many is that total? Seventy little things? But, minus the blurbs and schedules, fifty-two? How many gifts will I need? Oh, indecision, how you rear your ugly head at the most awkward of times- le sigh!

No more melodrama. I have nothing more to write. Good bye!

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