Friday, September 19, 2008

The longest hallway in the universe... for real... I'm not even joking...

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So, the hallway on my floor is crazy long. It's like our building must secretly be super thin and long and tall. But it doesn't look that way from the outside, so it is all confusing. Optical illusion, maybe? We'll find out. At some point, I'll circle the building and try to get to the bottom of this phenomenon.

We had orientation today. It was very boring; we pretty much just filled out paperwork. I met a girl from Switzerland. Not to keep track of new acquaintances or anything, but, I've met:

Chagron (spelling is definitely wrong) from England (room 208)
Arisa (or something) from Portugal (room 304), who I keep running into in the shower. What does it mean?
Isabel from Switzerland (I even have her e-mail wa ha!) in room 211
Yoko from Japan, whose room number is a mystery to me. Though, we did meet in the bathroom, so she probably lives on my floor somewhere.

I might go to Shinjuku today. It's a really busy district in Tokyo. Isabel wanted to go today and I asked if I could tag along. There's a welcoming party from 1-3PM, so it'll be after that. I really hope she goes with me (I hope I hope I hope!). Then I can get a pillow- hoorah!

Oh, I went shopping again yesterday, so basically all I really really need is the pillow. And a cell phone. Maybe I can get the cell phone tomorrow with Mary. Hrml. I feel bad though, because that's probably not the most exciting event for her weekend.

Goodness glaciers, it is almost one. I need to get ready for the party, and by that, I mean pee. (shh.) Talk to you later, all!

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