Monday, December 15, 2008


So, apparently it costs $300 to go from my apartment to the airport. I can't really see how that's at all possible, considering they're so close, but that's what the guy said when I called for a quote. Thusly, I shall arrive home in the glorious land of the free, home of the brave sans feeling in my back, neck, and shoulders. That is to say, I intend to drug myself. Alas, I cannot actually bring the Vicodin back and forth from Japan to the U.S. because I've only filled out the necessary 500 pages for the one trip here and one trip back. So, I must of necessity swallow it before entering the airport. Which means I'll be slightly loopy slightly early, because I intend to get there much ahead of time.

So, perhaps I shan't so much be numb as, and pardon my French, pissed. That's right, folks, being of a proper age, I think I'll indulge on the flight and see what that might do for the pain, having no other means of combating what will surely be an atrocious mess of nerves. I've been told that gin and tonic knocks you out real quick on a long flight. Well, I guess it'll all depend if I get the aisle or the window. The aisle gives you the bathroom, but the window gives you Mt. Fuji. Which is closed this time of year, and all the times of year I'll be here, so it's nice to see, if only from above.

It is now nearly 10:30, how? But I intend to sleep in a bit tomorrow, having no test to study for. I'll probably work on the skit for class, ugh, but I seem always to get decent grades on those things, regardless of whether anyone in my group (given they've been two people up to now, that's a fancy non-blaming way of explaining that I do, contrary to popular belief, err, on the odd occasion) forgets his/her lines or no.

More stressingly, we apparently will be receiving no study guide for the test on Monday in my lit class and still know not whether it shall be in class or take home. I'd rather it be in class so I don't have to write a paper over the holiday, but everyone else seems to feel oppositely. The teacher thinks he'll do one of both.


Not sure how that'll work out.

Thusly, good gents and lassies, I must myself to bed, get! No, this is not Japanese sentence structure, it is Yoda sentence structure. If it were Japanese, it'd be along the lines of Myself I bed to get must. And there you have it.


That doesn't actually make much sense in Japanese. It's sounds more like I couldn't properly say that I'll be sleeping alone tonight. O.o



Leslie said...

Well, the alcohol may help you sleep on the flight but it will also really really dehydrate you so bring water...

Caity Baby said...

Lol wow mandy.... I printed this one off for the parents to read... all of us were cracking up. We all love you lots and can't wait for you to come home!!!