Thursday, December 11, 2008

*Talented, Or Demented?*

So, I fell out of bed last night. Yeah, for reals. I'm a five-year-old.

Sometimes I can have really awful nightmares, and I've woken up screaming before and I remember having seen someone leaning over me, maybe with a knife. I screamed when I woke up last night but I guess it wasn't loud because nobody woke up ^^* Lame-o lungs. Oh, and I propelled myself away from my attacked, which is what landed me on the ground.

Ouch. I hit the nightstand with my hand and it's swollen and stuff. And I've got bruises down my side and back. T.T Being five is painful!

I think I'm at peace with the a-hole in my group? Question mark? But he might get mad at me because Tale of Genji was nominated (yeah, I JUST finished reading it), and he said that the oldest English translation was the best. But we were told that it REALLY wasn't in class, so I wrote:

"Really? I was told that the Seidensticker translation was preferred. Waley's
older, so perhaps the English is a little bit more difficult? Also, I think
Seidensticker assumes you've read Kojiki, so that might make all the difference.
All I know for sure is, don't go with the Tyler version! He makes it seem like
one character is actually three or four different people! Although, if anyone
wants the Waley version, I can probably scrounge it up here in Tokyo. Oh, also,
there's another translation in the works right now.

I think Genji's deceptively long because it is chock full of waka poems and art,
plus the space it takes for notes by the translator. Honestly, I thought it was
much easier than Don Quixote."

I wasn't trying to be nice about it, but maybe I came off as a jerk? Now I'm worried gyah! Don't wanna be a jerk.

Going to sleep thinking I'm a jerk. Goodnight.


P.S. Will try not to fall out of bed.

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