Wednesday, December 17, 2008

*Oh, the Internet's Working Again*

It wasn't, all day, until a few minutes ago. Ergo, I am exhausted in the wee hours of the morn (10 PM=3AM Mandy time), and can post very little, if anything.

I have to do a speech in Japanese class after break. The script's due the day we get back. Gr. How many pages/paragraphs is 3 minutes? I've no idea. But it seems long, given our skits are 1 minute each with two people talking. And the big skit is like 5 minutes with four people talking. Boo.

And it's open topic. What the heck? What are the limits of an untopicked speech then? Can I just make a story and translate it into Japanese? Random musings =ok? Do I actually have to convince of something? Why can't I just translate and memorize someone else's speech?

I think our teacher's are secretly trying to steal our amazing works.

Studying goes okay. I'm feeling alright about Friday's test. Monday's is the one I'm all anxiety ridden over. No review sheet = evil teacher will go to a steamy place upon dying.

Oh dear, that sounds sexy rather than scary, doesn't it? You know what I mean. Fire and brimstone. Pitchforks. Men getting their livers eaten out by eagles every day. Random heroes going to get their lassies.

Etc. etc. etc.

Good night! <3

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