Monday, December 8, 2008

Don't Wanna Study but I'm Hungry!

Ah, the logic just fills us all with joy. In any event, if I go to the cafe to eat then I must study for the test tomorrow. The test today was alright; I think I did well, but one never knows with this class. It is a confusing yellow-green spotted jumping hippopotamus. Exactly.

So, I was writing in my head when I was trying to sleep last night, and I'm trying not to forget, because I'm rewriting the first chapter of my Nanowrimo book for last year. Thusly, I type it's start below, which may or may not be complete crap O.o:

"Le garcon [is/Fr] belle."

The response from Toby(?)'s classmates reverberated many times throughout the metallic hall into which the room's door opened. As the long hallway continued, the sound began to distort and decay, so that at the very end, it was merely present as though an impossible wind. In the classroom itself, the noise was loud enough to embed itself permanently in Toby(?)'s mind, to haunt him for the next 8 days, the last of his short life. It was so loud, in fact, that it pulled Thomas, ineffectual as always, from his acceptant, perhaps fatalistic, silence and into speech.

Yet even as Thomas' lips parted in preparation for the authoritative word, his efforts were subverted by Joe(?)'s mocking voice, "Boys aren't pretty!"

Joe rocked himself back in his chair as he giggled, clutching his belly and displaying what remained of his teeth.

Anyway... I had more but I'm hungry enough to have to go study grrrr. Wish me luck!

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