Wednesday, December 3, 2008

*No Test Tomorrow?*

How surreal... I have no quiz/test in Japanese class tomorrow. Hurrah! Spelled correctly, just this once. But I think "hoorah" looks a lot more exciting and adds a degree of mystery. That's right, I put the "who" in "who-rah!". If you listen carefully to my exclamations, you may notice that I do in fact say the word in that manner. I think that "her-rah" is gender discriminate. I love men too much to pronounce it in such a sexist manner.

Or not. I could just be ranting 'cause I got nothin' to talk about. Uh oh.

So, I did in fact go to the Shibuya Ward office today to update my address for my Alien Registration Card (they keep track of all us Jupiterians, but not the Martians or Venusians. Sick 'n tired of this terrestrialism. I think they're just jealous of our planet's size. And distance from the sun. Yeah.). It was a pretty sweet deal 'cause I didn't have to wait so long as others because I can speak Japanese well enough. So, I could tell the man who only spoke Japanese whereas others had to wait for the lady who spoke English as well. ^____^ <---arrogant much? Also, I saw the Disney Store in Shibuya, which is AMAZING. It looks like a Disney house/castle from the outside! I'll take pictures next time I go there.

I also found a stray kitty but I couldn't catch him. He was an amazing creature. Lifted his leg and peed on a car a la dogs. I wouldn't really know what to do with a stray cat, 'specially since you can't have 'em in this building, apparently, but he oughta have somewhere to call home! I'll try to figure out what one does with a lost kitty/pup. Maybe I should go back and look for him. It's a man because it peed on the car, btw. Oh, I guess I just outed myself as a sexist. Durn.

Or not?

Well, there was some traumatic-ness today. Some people came into the apartment to check the fire alarm, but I wasn't informed that this would be the case, so I thought someone was breaking in. Okay, they kept trying lots of different keys, which does sound a great deal like someone picking a lock. I figured it had to be one or another, so I'd hide in my room and lock the door. Anyway, they had to check the alarm in my room too, but it was locked, so they tried the keys on it O.O So, I freaked out, picked up my flute to use as a weapon (a $2000 weapon O.o guns are cheaper...) and opened the door. I think they got a pretty big shock.

But it was not a good experience. Three men + one girl home alone =DISASTER! Even if they were fire alarm checkers, it really isn't a good idea. They could be perverts! And I'm inclined to think that most men are perverts (sorry sorry, but every 26 seconds a woman is raped in South Africa... and there's a whole lot more of world. I think it's every five seconds a woman is raped. It takes more than five seconds to rape a woman, so there must be a ton of rapists out there. Shiver shiver). So, this kinda turned into a man-bashing rant.

Hrm. I think mostly women read this anyway...


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