Thursday, December 25, 2008

*Oof, Jetlag*

Been too busy with family to post, but I did arrive here fine! Hoorah for not ending up in PORTLAND. Er, I mean getting stuck there... for more than seven hours. Um, but that was about what I was expecting for the layover.

"Layover" sounds dirty. Someone come up with a fancy schmancy latin-esque term to substitute this with.

Anyway, I'm jetlagged (T.T) and it is now five and I've been up a few hours. Gr, I worked so hard not to have jetlag! I even stayed up past midnight last night and still woke up at 3! Moral of story: go to bed at nine-ish if you think you can't sleep past three because otherwise you are SLEEPY but can't SLEEP, which is frustrating.

Anyway, Happy Christmas a la Harry Potter!

I'll post more when I'm less sleep deprived or more coffee saturated.



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