Saturday, December 13, 2008

*Quick, Hide!*

That's the name of my concealer. Isn't that kinda funny? Anyways, I gotta get me some shut eye, so here's a quick post.

I honestly can't even think what I've spent the last hours doing. Last night? Oh, I talked with Courtney on Skype for a few hours, then went to bed O.o Oh, I think I talked to my mom really late as well, but I was pretty sleepy all last night, so I'm not sure I remember it all. Oh, but Courtney has pictures:

Um, I was attempting to cheer her up? "Fail". ":(" "[toilet]" I watched 80% of Meet the Robinsons today, 'til M got back from the party, and they turned on Dreamer. It was even worse than it looked, so I scuttled off to my room to watch more serial killers being caught on Touching Evil. That show's creepy, and not very well written (the U.S. version). If it weren't for Jeffrey Donovan...

I mostly studied or attempted to finish Robinson Crusoe today, which I'll try to get done before going to bed. But it is late, so I must get to that all.

Oh, I also watched some MASH to get away from all that murderingness. Also, I've only three episodes left of the entire TE show. Hrml. And MASH eps are so short, I'll be done with the season I brought soon. Then, I guess I'll rewatch Jake 2.0, but that's not much time either. What the heck am I gonna watch while I study for finals? Has to be something I've seen, or I'll get distracted- gyah!

Anyway, <3 and zzzzs

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