Sunday, December 7, 2008

*This Weekend*

Yesterday, I went to this Winter Fest thing at the American School in Japan, which was very fun. I bought gifts up the wazoo, because these weren't just crafts- they were intense! Also, there were booths serving food from different countries. I guess there are a LOT of countries represented at the American school. So it was very tasty. Also, I got a lot of books for about $3, hoorah. Though, I am still (still!) reading Robinson Crusoe and will never finish. Gah!

Today, I studied all day. I have a zillion tests in the coming weeks, which is just mean, since I finished midterms so recently >.< I have two big tests in Japanese, and I really want A's, so, you know. Watched Rocky while I studied the kanji aspect. That movie's a lot better than I remembered it. He's just kinda sweet, you know?

No test tomorrow, just a quiz gr. So burnt out. Burnt out! I can't fit any more Japanese in my brain. And my hand aches from writing so much today. Literally, this vein in my right hand is throbbing and I can feel it. Like if I put another finger over it. It really hurts. T.T

It will be interesting to see how we cover 2 lessons, 8-9 days of class work in five days. We have another test next Thursday, which must mean between this Thursday and next Wednesday we'll cover those in class. How? Sadists.

I need to go to bed. Sorry for the complainy-ness. It wasn't the most pleasant of days. Plus, on my break I got an "Incredible" in Alchemistry playing Yohoho Puzzle Pirates but the game bugged out, so I don't have the trophy to prove it T.T That game's hard- sniff. What a pain!


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