Sunday, December 14, 2008


I finished US Touching Evil. Not very satisfying- I want more Jeffrey Donovan! But at least there will be more Burn Notice next month. And I got the mandatory 2:30 hrs of kanji studying per day done yet again. It's getting harding, I think. Want to do something- anything else! Tests this week, yet again, followed by one test next week, though only one day of class as well.

Finished RC. Hoorah. Studied all day. Anti-hoorah. Finally got skit- hoorah. Didn't have time to study it- anti-hoorah.

But then there was Jeffrey Donovan, so let's end on a hoorah note.

And it is only 9:30, so I think I can get to sleep on time. I'll try to respond to e-mails tomorrow. Sorry- I got swept up in getting things done in twice the time they ought to have. I think, if my brain's really a computer, it's one of those old ones with too much crap on it, so it can only go very s-l-o-w-l-y. I need to delete things, upgrade, or just trash and get a new one. Ugh, I just had a gross image of USB port type things in my head.


Too exhausted to write anything non-depressing beyond this point. <3

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