Tuesday, January 20, 2009

*The 4-1-1*

Gwah! The plan: (edit- red= done)

Wed: Study for Friday's test (1:30-8) and Thursday's quiz (8-10/10:30)-- After class, visit Oversea Liaison Center, print Thurs Japan Lit papers, call Softbank, Citibank, Ward Office, AM check bank account, PURCHASE NARITA EXPRESS TICKET
Thurs: study for quiz (8-9:15) study for Friday's test (6-10:30), e-mail Kayoko about Sun. Do rest of Japan lit readings during lunch break (12:30-3:15)
Fri: Study for test (8-9:15), study Grammar for Finals (1:30-9:00)
Sat: Wake up around 6:30 or 6, get to Shinjuku by 7:30--- trip to Kawaguchi-ko (Mt. Fuji area)- arrive back around 9:30-10:00-- bring vocab flash cards, poss. kanji cards as well, 10-11:30/12 study grammar
Sun: Wake up around 7:30? To Yokohama with Kayoko-- bring vocab, kanji flashcards. Return around 6? Study grammar until 9.

Next school week
Mon: (8-9:15) study grammar, (12:30-3:15) study grammar, (6-9) study grammar/vocab, (9-10:30) study kanji
Tues: GRAMMAR AND LISTENING FINALS. (8-9:15) study grammar, (12:30-until I pass out) study kanji.
Wed: KANJI AND ORAL FINALS. (8:00-9:15) study kanji, (12:30-?) Don't really know how to study for next tests...? Poss. study kanji? Poss. work on something else. Thurs. is open book for comp and reading's generally easy... voodooing myself into a heck hole (random lack of profanities...)
Thurs: READING AND COMPOSITION FINALS. Sleep in- try to get at least 10 hrs of sleep because that's pretty much all that's gonna help with this test of word-savviness. (12:30-?) close bank account if poss. Following which, (?-however late I feel like it, 'cause I'm done with finals then) work on essays (two- one for Japan lit, one for drama) (Add: Poss the palace)
Fri: Trip to Kamakura. Try to be home by four or five and begin Essay Writing Period of Death
Sat and Sun: Poss. time it will take to complete the Essay Writing Period of Death. If done with essays by end of Saturday, go to Nikko on Sun.

Last week in Japan:
Mon: Go with Kayoko to Tsukiji fish market for fishy breakfast happiness. Then, to the Ghibli Museum (an amusement park) for memory making--- last time I see Kayoko before I go V.V
Tues: TURN IN PAPERS BETWEEN 4-6 PM! DO NOT FORGET! SERSLY! Cancel cell phone service (takes 3-4 hrs, but I can go visit Meiji Jinguu again or shop in Harajuku, then come back. Nifty). go to Shibuya Ward Office to let them know I'm leaving. -- all this rests on the phone call TOMORROW regarding whether they will in fact be open on Tuesday, which is a holiday. But it's a Tuesday holiday vs. a Monday holiday, so they probably don't have it off, esp. since there just was a huge holiday and another follows soon after. While in Shibuya, get pics of the awesome Disney store and poss. go to that place I mentioned a few days ago what that has scenes that inspired poetry (edit: Rikugi-en). Poss. get to WWII museum to get souvenir for T but poss. just disappoint, as always. That was self-brutality, that was. Must get to Imperial Palace, but just realized will be closed when I go to that area to turn in papes. Durn. Must take papes with. Poss. see Thurs. MUST PACK THIS PM!!! Take trash out Wed AM.
Wed: App. flight is in PM- around 5:40 PM and by "around" I obviously mean at exactly 5:40 PM acc. my sheet thing because 5:40 just isn't an arbitrary no. Wow, I have no plans here. It just sits there, glaring at me. OK, so I'll need to get to the airport around 3:15 (I am that paranoid, yes), so must book Narita Express ticket- acc. trip planner, I'll catch it at 1:40 in Shinjuku- oh, get ticket tomorrow- add. Which leaves a very open morning. Oooooh. Let's fill it. How about Ginza? Okay, I'll go see the kabuki theatre? Yeah, get something nifty at the gift shop. Genius plan. Catch flight, watch a zillion movies, arrive to Marc's loving arms (ew, that sounds Oedipan) and somehow manage to stay up until 9 PM (I arrive around 10AM).

Those are the plans. So it is written, so it shall be. In which case, I shall ace all of my classes whilest enjoying the splendors of the touristy things about Tokyo what that I've missed thus far.

Look how long this is- see what happens when you get to see me think? And by "Get to" I mean "must endure." Unless you skipped this entire thing... shame on you!


R: BJ:EOR still
L: nothing O.o it's late


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh you have a busy few weeks! but I am excited for when you get back. :)

Anonymous said...

okay wow how sad is it that I just figured out how to comment so you could see it... jeez.