Friday, January 16, 2009

*Oh Weekend, Let us Embrace!*

It's here, it's here- at long last! Oh Saturday, I could kiss you! Though, you won't be here for a few minutes yet. I have faith that you will arrive and I will greet you late, late into the day. Or early because I need to study. Snap.

So, I'm thinking that I want to do this:

Seattle University Fine Arts Department & SITE (Seattle Indie Theatre Fest) announce


Can you write a play?

Does the idea of live actors speaking the words YOU wrote

and doing the deeds YOU imagine onstage get you cookin'?

Interested in stepping into a new FRONTIER?

Here's your chance!

The WINNING play will be produced as part of

SITE Specific Cabaret at the Lee Center for the Arts!



Your 10-15 minute play will be fully produced, directed by a professional, and will be part of a new play festival here on campus that opens May 7 for 12 performances. The four other professional playwrights who are writing and directing new short plays for the festival are the contest judges. All plays (theirs and yours) will be written around the theme/idea:


Winner will be announced mid February.

Play submissions are due Feb 10 by 4pm

in the Fine Arts Office (FINR 202).


(double-spaced) will be accepted.

You may write for up to FIVE (5) characters. The actors are hot drama students, so plan accordingly!

Make your play theatrical, compelling and/or rich with human behavior,

and you are SURE TO WIN!


For info, call Professor Ki at 296-5363 or email

--- because SU students can and, if I did win (unlikely O.O I just don't know play format or anything...) then I'd have *COVERAGE* on a very, very local level. Le sigh. So that's what I'm thinking I ought to do. I've an idea, but maybe it's cheesy. PLUS, I'd have to quick quick do it and I bet they wouldn't let me repeat words half so often as I like. Like. Ha.

Going to the Meiji Shrine in Harajuku tomorrow with Kayoko and then dinner (intentions to finagle an edit of my Japanese speech from her, yes, but in my defense I will offer to pay for dinner). Ogoru ne? Yes, my treat.

Oh, and I had the wrong shrine. It is Yasukuni Shrine, also in Tokyo, that has the war criminals buried within. In my defense, they are both shrines in Tokyo, and really, how many shrines can there BE in Tokyo/thousands.

I think the park I went to that had the museum with all the WWII stuff was Kitanomaru Park near the Imperial Palace, so I should try to get there if I can to get that thing (?) for T. But it could be wrong. I just kinda ran into the place walking around. It's nice in Tokyo because you can get lost and still be within walking distance of a zillion train/metro/subway stations. Then you just take it back to some big place- yay!

Anyway, I'm pooped. Ha, I said "poop." Case in point....



Anonymous said...

If I don't talk to you, have fun at the show:) Love you, mom

Cap'n Mandy said...

A shrine isn't a show, C.R.A.Z.Y woman!