Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So, I got the okay from the group head for the trip to Kawaguchi-ko. Apparently she remembered me from the Mashiko trip and bumped me to the top of the waiting list, and I made it! I feel bad, because I kinda cancelled the potential plans with Kayoko, but I guess she can pretty much go there whenever she wants, you know? I don't think she was upset- I'm hoping we can go to Kawagoe instead, which apparently has a lot of Japanese traditional crafts to buy so hoorah? It would be a good place to get presents for people except I can't get that many since I've very limited space O.O.

So, another K, I'm planning on going to Kamakura. Also the Ginza Kabuki-za (I think Kayoko wants to go?). Then, I can probably fit in ONE more day trip, prob. to Nikko? Whoa, I have one more day than I thought. Crazy, ne? Stuffing in the Ghibli Museum and prob something else in that area (Mitaka). Also, one day for visiting the Shibuya ward office to announce my departure (whoa) and to end my account at Softbank (supposed to take four hours, but I can leave, so I'll go visit Meijijingu - Meiji Shrine, that day and prob eat lunch in that much time.... O.o). That day ought also include the Imperial Palace, I think, because that's close by too. If there's time still, I'll probably also squeeze in Rikugien- a park that inspires poetry, apparently.

Busy busy busy. I'll be studying on the long bus/train rides and in the nighttimes. And lunch breaks. And I ought then to be studying now oughtn't I? Gwah! What a punk I am!

Thinking aloud... or via blog. Hrm, sorry. So here's the plan:

1/15 (tomorrow): Visit the Oversea Liaison Office to see what I need to do prior to departure. Also, make sure I can close my bank acct. next week. Though, I haven't got the last payment yet, so I have to keep waiting and make sure I get that first.

1/17 (Sat): See a Kabuki show? Pretty much whatever Kayoko wants to do. Might also lean toward Tokyo Disneyland- I want to treat her but she doesn't want me too v.v Or Yokohama?

1/18 (Sun): Kawagoe. Old buildings, traditional crafts, and the remains of a castle. Try to convince M to go with me.... (http://www.flickr.com/photos/jpellgen/sets/72157604710636136/) That's a definite- I want to see the castle really badly!!

1/20-1/21: UFO Speech in Japanese O.o

1/21 (Wed): Close bank account? Study for TEST.

1/23 (Friday): Humungo test- the last before finals yay!

1/24 (Sat): Kawaguchi-ko to see the Ice Festival and the other festival that I forgot the name of... and see Mt. Fuji! With a group and LOTSA studying on the bus ride over- hoorah! Excited to go in a group!

1/25 (Sun): Nikko? I dunno, it just sounds like a lot more temples and shrines, but it does look pretty and acc. my guidebook, it's one of the 22 Things Not to Miss. Pic of what I want to see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Nikko_Bridge.JPG
Just not sure how fun walking about on trails will be in the dead of winter- fyi 1/24=coldest day of the year in Japan.

1/27-1/29: Japanese finals = death

1/30 (Friday): Kamakura on a WEEKDAY- hell's yeah. I think Kayoko wants to go too. This is also a definite. I'm going, durn it! Kamakura has the giant Buddha
and other things

1/31-2/1 (Weekend): Write final essays for other classes.

2/2 (Monday): Ghibli Museum? It's about a half hour away, and I can't see myself spending all day there, really. Also this day I will turn in my essays in the AM. Probably pack in the PM. Then that'll be done.

2/3: LAST DAY IN TOKYO... except the fourth when I leave. Anti-climax. Anyway, going to the Ward office to take care of the leaving things and also to Softbank to end phone service. Will see Tokyo sites that I've thus far missed, incl. Meiji Jingu, Rikugien, Imperial Palace. If I have time, will try to get back to the WWII museum and actually get pics and stuff.

2/4: To home!

Phew. That took a lot of thinking. Peace!

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