Monday, January 26, 2009

*The Quickest Blog Entry in the World*

Or, probably not, actually. Let's, just, throw, in, commas, for, the, heck, of, it. Or not...

Failed in attempt to get Yokohama pics online tonight (what a dangerous word choice during finals- gyah!), but the Kawaguchi-ko pics are available for your viewing pleasure:

Lacking confidence about tomorrow's finals (two in Japanese, if you recall, regarding grammar and listening). Everything hurts in stress at this point and nothing will stay down (food-wise... ew!).

Bought powerstone in Yokohama what that is meant to be *LUCKY* so will rely on that and Kit(to)-Kat(su)s. You know, all the powerstones are random rocks that somehow ALL have happy, good meanings. You know like "strength," "luck," or "happiness." But not ALL rocks can really be powerful in a good way. Right? But I guess they can't market "headache" or "diarrhea." Or "can simply be used as a weapon or to skip across water." Someone try to find a stone that has NO meaning, please. I'm far too busy finals-ing.

Ha. I need to stop using that fake word. Someone might copy it and it will have to be added to the dictionary. And then where will we be? Somewhere near funner.


Oh, my spell check won't recognize them anyway.

Wish me luck. Or, as freshmen science teacher said "Good skill!".


R: Fingersmith
L: "Waltz of Chihiro" Joe Hiyashi (from Spirited Away)

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