Sunday, January 11, 2009

*Yanaka Pics*

Wah. I can't just link the pics, can I? Must talk some, right?

So, Yanaka is basically a cemetery town. The cemetery is gigantous and there's a major street that divides it in two, which is just a crazy sort of thing to me. Also, for obvious reasons, there are also a lot of shrines and temples, as well as florists. Oh, and there was a Hula Dance school. Random. The other big street is Yanaka Ginza where there were lots of cat statues and, at one place, lotsa loose cats as well. I pet one and a bunch came over purring. Very cute. There were probably around thirty. They looked well fed, though I'm not sure what their sit. was. Hrm.

It got really cold, so I wasn't there for too long. Also, there was some kinda lottery going on. Dunno?

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