Monday, January 12, 2009

*Bum Bum Bummed*

Gah, this meetup that I want to attend is full:

Let's go to the "Ice festival" at Lake Kawaguchi near Mt.Fuji. to see another art of nature.
If we are lucky, we can see the best view of Mt.Fuji from Lake Kawaguchi which have attracted and inspired many photographers and artists for a long period.
Hope some of you're interested in and dare to come along with to cold place during the coldest time in winter.

[Places to Visit ]
1. Park to enjoy the nature art of winter.
The "Silver Frost Festival” at Wild Bird's Forest Park and the "Ice festival" at Oike Park
Ice Festival

2. Village of Healing ( Iyashinosato)
- a historically accurate, rebuilt Japanese village with thatch roofing houses,used be there.
Historical view of village

3. Itchiku Kubota's Kimono Museum
- a museum of the landscape Kimono of Japanese master Itchiku Kubota,
Works of Kubota Itchiku
Kimono Museum

8:10 Meet at Shinjyuku Station.
8:40 We take the Highway bus from Shinjyuku to arrive at Kawaguchi-ko.
10:30 ETA at Lake Kawaguchi
Walk around the lake/ Visit the Kimono Museum at the northeast shore of the lake
12:30 Lunch
Shall we try the Hoto Noodles, one of the local food specialties around Fuji-san area?
13:40 Take the local bus to move to the Oike park for the "Ice festival"
14:40 Take another bus to move to the main event site, Wild Bird's Forest Park
15:15 "Silver Frost Festival" festival and historical view of old village at Iyashinosato
17:18 Move back to Kawaguchi-ko by local bus
18:00 Have warm light dinner
19:10 We take the highway bus to return to Tokyo
21:00 ETA at Shinjyuku station

[Estimated Cost]
Transportation Cost :
Highway bus, Tokyo <-> Kawaguchi-ko (round trip)= 3,400 yen
Local bus around Kawaguchi-ko: 1 days pass = 1,300 yen
Museum Admission Fee:
Thatch roofing houses village = 200 yen
Kimono Museum: = 1,000 yen (optional)

**Please be prepared for the cold weathre and the long journey on the bus**

--- I really want to go! I'm on the waiting list- but I'm number FOUR. Eek. Maybe they will add some spaces? It filled up really quickly after it was posted.

Also, the PI is being sold/probably ending for good. I guess there's like zero chance they'll actually find a buyer. This makes me sad because we have a subscription and they have better comics than the Times AND feature the NY Times crossword. The Times has their own crappy crossword. Plus, without competition, there's like... no Globe/Star effect (hoorah Superman reference). You know? Like working your heels off trying to get the story. Less journalists= less breaking news. Pooh.

Anyway, I've got school tomorrow and a test the day after (boo!) so I need to get some shut eye. Le sigh. <3

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