Wednesday, January 28, 2009

*The Worst is Over!*

Two finals tomorrow but PEH, they aren't half so stressful as the ones over the last two days. Goodness, I can't even study for them, so that means I can't really stress about it except when actually doing the tests and failing miserably. D'oh! Random bit of pessimism there. Anyway, generally feeling alright about finals so far, Japanese class-wise. Actually, so long as I get an A in Japanese, I'm at least going to get a 3.5 acc. GPA, which isn't wonderful for me (I have high expectations O.o) but is perfectly acceptable, nonetheless. If I can pull off one other A, then I can get a 3.7, which makes honor roll. If I get one more beyond that, I will dance naked through the streets singing "I'm Getting Married in the Morning."

Ding Dong, the bells are going to chime. Girls come and kiss me, show how you'll miss me. But get me to the church on time!!!


Anyway, been working on my Japanese Lit. essays and one of them might be impossible because I think the prof. thinks he assigned a different passage in the essay what that ought to be mentioned off the bat. It's all very philosophical and my mind's not bending toward it yet. That's how it always works for me- gotta morph and morph my mind 'til suddenly Kant makes sense. Oh, Kant! Why?!

One of the best things that can happen to a being, occurred within the life of Me today (caps?!). You know when you hear a song and you LOVE it right off the bat, so you struggle to get a pen out quickly enough and jot down a lyric to look up later (oh, tech age), download, make sweet love to, but then HORROR OF HORRORS, you miswrite or mishear or something and are unable to find it (the story does get happier, I promise). It is the dreadest of dreads, leading to v. depressing thoughts and eventual abandonment of soul. Well, I was this man, four or so months ago. Alas, it is difficult being a mere shell.

(Whoa, here's the "turn") BUT THEN, you are listening to iTunes songs on random because, why not?, and suddenly, SUDDENLY, you hear it. "Holy crap!" You scream, waking the neighbors, who proceed to hit their ceiling with a broom attempting to shut you the hell up, "It's my musical soul mate, hoorah! Hallelujah, I love it so!" Then, you not only have the song, but do not have to buy it, because, apparently, at some point, you already did, along with something or another else. Except for me, I just borrowed the CD and burned it, so... even cheaper!

So, the song is Duffy's "I'm Scared," in which she says "I'm scared to face another day." I THOUGHT she had said, when I heard it in the club last summer, "I can't face another day," which, really, it does sound like she is warbling. Anyway, I am happy happy and have been listening to it on repeat ^_____^

Oooh! Listen to the below playlist, if only to see how amazing technology is (and C, who recommended TWO of those songs, which equals 10%, which means we are musically compatible and she might like the Duffy soul mate song as well). Crazy tech blows my mind.

Sorry for the insaneness of this post. To be frank (May I be candid with you, sir?), I took a Vicodin because my back was hurting so bad I was getting sick (literally, like nausea. Ew.). But Vicodin kinda makes me loopy. Thus, you get this loop. Hoorah for you, and hoorah for me, because I'm not entirely not-high. Oh, and it makes me SLEEPY, so I shall get me to bed and dream of Jeffrey Donovan/Dean Cain/Christopher Gorham/really anyone much as am not picky at all O.o


Listening: "I'm Scared"- Duffy (obviously -.-')
Reading: Fingersmith (sigh) STILL! Am ready to be done with this bitch! Er.. sorry... it's all the tv I didn't watch... Nah, it's 5AwesomeGays what that does it. They are all Tourrets-y. Potty Mouths. Check them out on YouTube if you have the time and haven't already been sucked in through my incessant efforts (oh, and I favorited the Tran-o-Saur one ^_^):


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