Monday, January 5, 2009

*It Isn't Really Late, but I'm a Get Me Some Shut Eye*

First day back.  Ugh.  Ick.  Sob.  Anyway, tantrum ended.  Japanese class went by pretty quickly but Japanese Lit C-R-A-W-L-E-D by, especially since we had to wait 'til the end to get our second midterm's grade back.  86% was a lot better than I thought I did.  Since I got like a 92% on the last one, I'm close to an A, so long as I can get an A on my final paper.  Here's hoping?

Been watching Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman while I study.  Nearly done with season one because I studied kanji ALL DAY on Sunday which equals a zillion episodes.  But I've still got Season Two, which I haven't seen since original air dates, which was a long time ago in Mandy years (aka, I was a wisp of a thing back in the day).  Why "season one" and "Season Two"?  Maybe Season Two is just THAT awesome?

At some point, I'll translate my Japanese speech, which is that long thing posted below somewhere.  It's not very interesting.  Well, it is, but it isn't well written.  Le sigh.  I am a hack, yet again.

I hear that writing a poem a day is really good for your brain and creative juices, but I'm too shy to put any of my poetry much online as it is rotten as a Jack-O-Lantern on Christmas Eve, so I ain't gonna share.  But I'm gonna try and get it done.  But don't "here's hoping" for this, as I'd rather you reserve your pleasant toward-me thoughts for the essay.  More important.  Let us prioritize.  Yay?

Oh, and BTW, not posting over Christmas at home is totally acceptable so all you secretly-thinking-I've-failed-you peoples can suck a lemon.  But it'll do naught for your sore throat.  Which you'd know, if you read the one (?) post I did make whilst abroad (er, anti-abroad.  Domestic...?).  

Peace <3

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