Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Notes to Self, Some More

because it was so exciting the last time, and all.

So, Softbank IS open on the third, but app. it was a v. good question as lady had to check.  Feb. 3rd is first day of spring in Japan, btw, what the heck?  It is very unspringly and I can't see it heating up any time soon.

Overseas Liaison Center says I will get a scholarship payment for February so I cannot shut down my account while here (get paid the 20th).  Also, they say that the school has usually hours through the FOURTH- so I can take my papers whenevs (peace, yo).  Also, now have rough outline of how the third will go- beginning with trip to Citibank, then to Harajuku (Softbank opens at 10-LATE) with lunch possibly and Meiji Jingu going-to-ness, then to Yotsuya to turn in papes, then Imperial Palace in Akasaka.  Or... no that's not pretty- I'll redo it later.  If poss (aka Softbank takes less time than they think it will) also see that park.

CitiBank apparently has the forms for a wire transfer and closing the account at all branches.  So I can pick them up and send them from the U.S.- the lady said it was no prob.  So, phew?

Shibuya Ward Office says I just have to turn in my Foreign Registration Card at Immigration- do not need to visit office.

So, it's getting all organized.  Must study.  

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