Sunday, January 11, 2009

*Allergic Reaction- Gyah!!!*

I'm having an allergic reaction to something. I didn't even notice until I took a shower and found these red dots all over my torso. Itchy bitchy. Pardon my French....? I wonder what I am allergic to that I do not know of. Hm. Pooh.

Been working on editing my Nano stories of this year and last. Feeling better about them than I did before, but alas, alack! they do not ever meet my expectations. I think my story of this year started pretty strong but then dissolved by the end of chapter one. I forgot my main character's sexual preference. Eek. That's kind of a big deal v.v

Planning on going to Yanaka tomorrow. I will pack lunch so that if nothing is open, I will not starve! But I hope hope hope that I don't get lonely and starting singing sad songs to myself. Kayoko went to Okayama for the weekend, so I have no one to venture out with (M has not the day off le sob). But I think I might get all the way to the Imperial Palace next weekend (btw, it is like five minutes from my school >.< d'oh!). I will take pictures. Fwee.

Really homesick today. I think it would be much more fun to be in Tokyo with people I love. So let's us come back sometime and paint the town red, oks? Like, what fun is it to go to these crazy-themed bars by your onesie? Be served by a monkey? Get "kidnapped" and locked in a prison (where they feed you surprisingly good food?)? Buy yer liquor from a ninja? Sit in a room literally below freezing temperatures and drink cold beverages? (Who thought this was a good idea? Sersly...) It is no fun alone. :(

I need to work harder so as I can regale you with funny anecdotes. Hrml prml.


Edit: I'm homesick :( Like, really. Like, I miss my mommy. A lot. Sniffle. I was gonna post a whining, sad blog, but I think the sheer volume of recent blog entries says it all. Hugs and loves.

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