Tuesday, January 6, 2009

*Daily Blog*

Dealing with the new Jimmy in season two (ha, no more caps) of Lois and Clark. He's a bit ew. I miss old Jimmy- he was kinda hot though not really cannon-looking. I miss Cat and Lex. It's a rotten rotten world, except that the writing is up a significant notch, the sexual tension between the eponymous Lois and Clark is gripping, and the whole early nineties "I'm not sure what to do 'cause I'm still recovering from the 80's" thing seems over. Ah, it is the 90's of my youth. Oh, but I date myself.

Elsewise, I went grocery shopping and studied for my kanji exam this Friday. I wrote the poem, as promised, but I don't think I'll post it. Because then YOU, darling, would be compelled to read it, and probably would feel like it was your DUTY as loyal reader to post some lovely lying comment of death praising it to high heaven and it'd really be bad for your karma, path to hell paved with good intentions and all that clichedness. And really, my poetry simply isn't very good. It's just convenient because it takes little time, generally speaking. Editing takes forevuhs.

Pretty much have no life right now. Except Lois and Clark and kanji. Or Lois, Clark, and kanji, if you prefer.

Must to bed with myself get! Good night ya'll.


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