Friday, January 9, 2009


I just haven't been good about talking about what I'm reading, because I really have been getting a lot of reading done on the trains/planes/not in automobiles, because I get carsick hrm. Anyway, I'll just go with the recent non-school readings and let you know that I did in fact read Marley and Me, as per the recommendation of everyone this side of Venus (hrm, I think the other side contains empty space and then the sun....). Honestly, it just wasn't my thing. Dog antics were funny ten years ago, but were overdone by the time Beethoven the 27th came out. I think I just didn't relate to the author. I think the more interesting parts were the memoir elements that didn't focus on the dog. Or maybe I just kinda heard all about it from other people who read it, so there weren't any surprises?

Dunno. Anyway, reverse order, but I read "I'm not scared" (really weren't any caps) before that, which was AMAZING. The synopsis makes it sound a bit ho-hum, read it twenty million times before-ish, but it is crazy original. I'm just an awful reviewer, aren't I? Ugh. So, it's only about 200 pages and was quick to get through. Seriously. Seriously. Now you're getting a look. Seriously.

Now, I am reading Fingersmith by Sarah Waters, which I've been wanting to read for a long while now. There's a BBC mini-series based on it that was wonderful. It's one of those things were it goes halfway through from one perspective, then goes back to the beginning and goes through from someone else's perspective, which I think must be very hard to write, but is so exciting to read. No comments on Twilight. None. Zip. (I'm just not very nice tonight, am I?) Er, this morning- when did midnight come? This still counts for a Friday post, BTW. Anywho, Fingersmith is pretty great so far; it's EXACTLY like the BBC series and the first hundred pages flew by. I'm excited, because she has written a lot of other books, and they're all historical fiction and at least one other contains a lesbian romance (no, these aren't lesbian romance novels with oodles of sex galore/I'm secretly a teenage boy). I don't know, it just makes me happy because she embraces the reality that there really were gay couples all throughout history, even if they couldn't be in the mainstream. er, you know what I mean- secret and illegal and all that. Poor Oscar Wilde.

I'm exhausted. Man, studied a LOT this week. As indicated by the excessive use of caps. Three-day weekend- YAY! Hoorah for Coming-of-Age Day!

Secretly not a real journal-type entry....


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