Saturday, January 24, 2009

*Wah, it's Late!*

It got really late. Basically, I got home, was so exhausted that watched Ghost with M on tv THEN saw that the new Burn Notice ep. was available for watching online and simply could not wait. No news yet on the suit. Appeared to have taken minor damage actually, which is random given explosion it was involved in. Possibly can ignore suit altogether in light of Michael swimsuit scene. Then again, I prefer him in the suit. We are that attached.

Kawaguchi-ko was lovely but FREEZING. Got lots of souvenirs and pics, but won't put them (pics, not souvenirs, as would be rather philosophically complicated) online until tomorrow at earliest. Must get up semi-early to meet Kayoko. It is LATE!!!

One pic, for now:

Mt. Fuji


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