Tuesday, January 27, 2009

*Ow, and Z*

So, I think the tests today went alright. Not to jinx it or anything, but I felt v. well about the listening test and pretty good about the grammar test (which is worth the most of any of them). The room was v. cold and I had to take my gloves off in order to write, so my hands went numb. Not sure why I felt I needed to tell you that though... rather whiney. Gah, like the blog title. Whatever, it's finals, so I am entitled to it, I think.

Have drunk 5 cups of coffee at this point, which is a decent start (?). Back hurts from stooping at my desk, so I took a Vicodin, which made me sleepy, which led to coffee. It is all chain of events-y.

Finished re-watching Burn Notice and am now on to Jake 2.0, which I haven't watched yet since I've been here. I forgot how bad the writing was in the first few episodes, but it'll get a lot better about halfway through, and I shall rejoice! Probably will get there tonight at this rate- studying is NOT going well. Am thinking will get little sleepy tonight.

On plus side, past tomorrow, I've only the least stressful finals left for Japanese. Can take a nap after tomorrow's finals. Hoorah!

Oh, and I like Mei Ling's make up in Jake 2.0:

And what a screen capture! I probably won't imitate her tomorrow, but I shall make the attempt later this week. You can see a lot of detail in that pic. Hoorah!

Hm, and I got the Yokohama pics online (yay me):

And because there simply aren't enough images in this entry, I include what is currently the background image on my cell phone. And I have him as my wallpaper simply because he is good luck. I mean, he's been shot, blown up, beat to a bloody pulp, etc. and yet still lives! Er, or his character at least. Hrm.

<3 and wish me luck. Ugh. Been studying for forever and will be for forever more.

R: Fingersmith
L: Galway Girl- Mundy and Sharon Shannon

EDIT: This scene was funny, so, from Jake 2.0:

Karen (his neighbor): Hey, Jake!

Jake: Hi, Karen.

Karen: Your newspapers were starting to pile up, so I thought I'd take them in while you were away.

Jake: Oh, yeah, I guess I forgot to stop delivery. Thank you, thanks a lot.

Karen: So, how was the vacation?

Jake: Good. Ah, you know, those cruise ships are great for getting away from it all.

Karen: I thought you went to Yellowstone.

Jake: ...I did.... by way of Panama.

Karen: You went to Panama and Yellowstone in six days?

Jake: There wasn't much to see in Panama. The main thing is it was relaxing but I'm pretty tired right now. I'm gonna-

Karen: (sees cut on his eye) Were you in a fight?

Jake: Uh, no. No. I was trying to get something out of my carry-on. And, you know how they say your luggage shifts in flight, well, they're really not kidding. (laughs awkwardly.)

Karen: (looks at baggage) It's kinda big for a carry-on.

Jake: Well.... 'Night, Karen.

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