Wednesday, January 14, 2009

*Toniiiight Tonight, Won't be Just Any Night!*

... actually, it kinda was...? Hrm. Anyway, Lex sang it in Lois in Clark one episode I watched last week, so it randomly came to mind? Watching Burn Notice/Friends right now. Phoebe just got married and Michael just got shot. And all in the same night... just not the same series. Hm. Stupid kanji quizes.

I reaaaaally just want to finish Fingersmith. It is CRAZY good thus far, but I can't seem to get more than a chapter read a day, and it's got a lot of chapters. Hold your protestations, please, but I intend to try my hand with Atonement next because I bought it for cheap and the first couple of pages were quite engrossing.

Crap, I just spent an hour I could've been sleeping screwing around online. Shoot. Goodnight!



Anonymous said...

Save Atonement for a a rainy day....ugh..... depressing!! I was glad to talk to you last night, you were very happy, which makes me happy. Hugs, and xoxoxo mom

Anonymous said...

thought, make sure you don't close your checking account until the university makes your last deposit:) Your always thinking mother.