Thursday, January 15, 2009

*Fah! Because, So Far, None of My Blog Entries...*

have started with an F, apparently. But I don't say "fah" so...? Any koodles, I've got to get to bed, because today was just LOUSY. Honest to Pete. I forgot something I needed for class, I took an extra textbook, I made a stupid mistake on a quiz, I was LATE for class. Ugh. It was not a "me" day. In other news, Phoebe is now Princess Consuela Bananahammock and Consuela aka Concha is now dead. See, the name came up in both shows. See? See? And the plot in part two of Fingersmith is in full sway- nefarious scheme!

Anyway, plans plans plans galore, I am now also planning on seeing Tsukiji because it's an early morning sorta thing (get to eat sushi at the crack of dawn, not weird at all, wow I'm culturally insensitive tonight....), then Ghibli Museum on same day. With Kayoko (yay). Also invited her to Kawagoe... hrml, dunno if she wants to see more? It is a trick, it is!

I wonder what movies I can watch on my flight back...? Maybe I can see Wall-E and City of Ember- sweeeeeet! What else would I want to see? Hrm, maybe some of the Oscar candidates. The films change once a month, so I'm set for a new set (see that wordplay, there. Impressed?).

My days are getting increasingly boring to write about. I'll try to streak tomorrow or something, so you'll have some nifty news (or will have to bail me out of prison... I don't know how that works here.... I need a lawyer? My Japanese teacher in the U.S. has a Japanese law degree.....).

I Facebook friended some people from my Japanese class? I turned in some necessary scholarship documents? I made a copy of an article I borrowed from a professor? I went to classes? I read "Oleanna" by Mamet for drama and did other homewokr? I talked to momsie and Marcsie on the phone? I endured three transit delays on the Chuo Rapid Line? I was going to buy a coffee but decided not to because, really, where would I put it when I went to pee before class? I bought "hot" tea that was randomly cold?



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