Sunday, October 19, 2008

Asakusa and Ueno (a little bit)

For complete photos, see:

Anywhoozle, Kayoko and I went to Asakusa today via Ueno. Um, we went to a huge temple in Asakusa, as well as a very famous shopping street. There were a lot of old buildings and things, and many opportunities to get souvenirs! Also, many little booths specializing in specific foods, so we ate a LOT of little things- many many sweets. My stomach is so sick >.<

At the temple, which was Senso-ji (Ji=Temple, for name of temple, versus "a temple"=tera) we paid to get our fortunes from the little thingy. Er, actually just me. Apparently last time she had her fortune taken, Kayoko got the best one possible, so she's not doing this anymore. But, I got one of the less pleasant ones >.< so I wanted to tie it to a tree to counteract the bad luck. Unfortunately, the sign stated that you aren't allowed to unless you have the worst of luck. Drat!

A picture of my bad fortune:

Not really looking to the spiritual trouble coming to me "repeatedly, hundred and thousand times." More incentive to go to Kyoto this holiday season, and visit the tera there, and get a new fortune, and make it go or at least bad enough to tie about the tree, durn!

Also, we went to Hard Rock Cafe Ueno, first on our way, and stopping to get souvenirs, and then coming back, to eat. So I have some pictures of that on the album linked above. We went to Ueno a little bit, but mostly just got ice cream, which got all over my shirt (it melted SO FAST) so I wore my Hard Rock shirt all day ('cause I bought one there, 'cause I needed one, 'cause it was PRETTY). Kayoko took a picture of me covered with ice cream O.O I'll put it here, if she sends it to me.

Hm, so in Ueno, we also stopped at one of the UFO catcher (like those claw thingies that you get toys in, sometimes, 'cept it's Japanese, so they call it a UFO catcher O.o like because the UFOs were what you could get in Toy Story? But they're pre-Toy Story. What a confusing sort of phenomenon.) shops and took pictures:

I'll try to scan them later so you can actually see them. Anyway, that was fun. Also, we did the UFO catcher machine and both failed the first time (I came super close tho). So we tried one more time, me first. I gave the one I got to Kayoko but then she tried again and got TWO so she gave them BOTH to me. I feel a little bad, because if we hadn't switched, she'd have two instead of me, but I don't think she really cared. Anyway, I put them on my phone, and took a picture. Um, my phone's all shiny and things because I just got a message when I was taking the picture.

Actually, not that shiny. We-ell. Dunno why you can't see it in the pic. Admire the cuteness, btw.

Out of order... so at the TEMPLE (re, the beginning of the post O.O) Kayoko also bought us some incense to catch fire in this small charcoalless charcoal miny pit type thing (I am so ridiculously eloquent... er.... writoquent) and then take to the gigantic ashtray like thing (Kayoko's description, not mine). Everyone put the incense in their and it was crazy smokey and I choked and my make up ran. Nonetheless, it is apparently thought to be healthy. I might disagree a little.

Soooooo, I was kinda sick all day but had a good time. Yay! I'm also going to post about the new Ghibli film, 'cause I might see it here. I keep seeing advertisements and buyables everywhere, and it just looks hecka cute. Not sure I'd understand it though... Well, I'll read the plot summary aforehand! Mwahaha!


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