Saturday, October 18, 2008

I am Blind as a Bat

But without the radar or a superhero named after me. That'd be pretty cool though. Um, I mean both. Radar (what is that actually called? Wikipedia failed me...) AND a superhero out there called "Mandy Man" or something. "The Amazing Mandy," "The Incredible Mandy?" "Spider-Mandy" O.o

Speaking of spiders, my little friend is hiding!!! I can't find him! Hold on, I'll check one more time. Durn, nowhere to be found. He was hiding behind the garbage this morning, and the fridge last night, but now he's nowhere!!!!! That makes me a little sad, since I've grown accustomed to his face (and the firey references continue). Now I'll have to go out and find another tiny spider to keep me company. And I shall name him/her Lorrencio/Lorrencia Val Antramptica. That way, he/she will stay. It's like in the little prince:

My life is very monotonous," the fox said. "I hunt chickens; men hunt me. All the chickens are just alike, and all the men are just alike. And, in consequence, I am a little bored. But if you tame me, it will be as if the sun came to shine on my life. I shall know the sound of a step that will be different from all the others. Other steps send me hurrying back underneath the ground. Yours will call me, like music, out of my burrow. And then look: you see the grain-fields down yonder? I do not eat bread. Wheat is of no use to me. The wheat fields have nothing to say to me. And that is sad. But you have hair that is the color of gold. Think how wonderful that will be when you have tamed me! The grain, which is also golden, will bring me back the thought of you. And I shall love to listen to the wind in the wheat . . ."

The fox gazed at the little prince, for a long time.

"Please--tame me!" he said.

"I want to, very much," the little prince replied. "But I have not much time. I have friends to discover, and a great many things to understand."

"One only understands the things that one tames," said the fox. "Men have no more time to understand anything. They buy things all ready made at the shops. But there is no shop anywhere where one can buy friendship, and so men have no friends any more. If you want a friend, tame me . . ."

"What must I do, to tame you?" asked the little prince.

"You must be very patient," replied the fox. "First you will sit down at a little distance from me--like that--in the grass. I shall look at you out of the corner of my eye, and you will say nothing. Words are the source of misunderstandings. But you will sit a little closer to me, every day . . ."

The next day the little prince came back.

"It would have been better to come back at the same hour," said the fox. "If, for example, you come at four o'clock in the afternoon, then at three o'clock I shall begin to be happy. I shall feel happier and happier as the hour advances. At four o'clock, I shall already be worrying and jumping about. I shall show you how happy I am! But if you come at just any time, I shall never know at what hour my heart is to be ready to greet you . . . One must observe the proper rites . . ."

"What is a rite?" asked the little prince.

"Those also are actions too often neglected," said the fox. "They are what make one day different from other days, one hour from other hours. There is a rite, for example, among my hunters. Every Thursday they dance with the village girls. So Thursday is a wonderful day for me! I can take a walk as far as the vineyards. But if the hunters danced at just any time, every day would be like every other day, and I should never have any vacation at all."

So the little prince tamed the fox.

Picture from that chapter:

Wait, why was I blind as a bat? OH! That's right! I boarded the wrong train going to Harajuku! Because the Yamanote Line is yellow and the Chuo-somethingoranother line is lime green and they looked the same because I was texting Liz instead of paying attention. So, I ended up going that way for a while before realizing that I ain't getting any closer to the destination and disembarking, prior to entering the train going the opposite direction. However, you do not pay for all the in-between stops for your trip- merely the distance from the starting point to the ending point, so it still was only $1.50 ish. Hahaha! And WHAT a way to spend two hours O.o

Anyway, I obviously didn't go out with Akira (guy who asked me out) today. Um, he got creepy. v.v Started asking me about where I lived, which was okay. And it turns out he lives semi-nearby, so he wanted to go for drinks near here. Then he started asking about whether I had a roommate or not, what sort of conditions there were for my building and guests O.o it was pretty obvious that he had different ideas than I. So, I shall not be going out with him. Or, at the very least, going for drinks after school with the clear understanding that there's nothing else gonna happen. Tch.

Oh! I bought a ton of souvenirs for people today ^____^ Let me know if there's anything in particular you want though, because otherwise you'll just get whatever I saw that reminded me of you. Um, and for some of you, that may be something akin to a pineapple... Anyway, lots of baby things, because they're cute and there are so many babies everywhere and they always smile at me so I smile back and it's just a happy moment. Hoorah for baby coming. She shall be properly cutily attired.

Going to Asakusa tomorrow with Kayoko. I already told you that though...

Um, oh! This crazy old lady was following me around when I was coming back from the train station and yelling at me "kaire" or "kaere". I think she meant "kaere" in either case, which is basically "go home!". I think she was anti-foreigner or something. Whatevs. Totally did not harsh my illustrious groove. Um... obviously, because I'm crazy hyper.

And these guys from Ghana were following me around in Harajuku, which isn't as scary as it sounds, because it's hecka crowded there. Um, I know they were from Ghana because they told me O.o They kinda followed everyone speaking English ('cept I was alone, so not really speaking. Maybe it was the "Redefined" written in English on my shirt?) around trying to get them to go into their store. Bad tactic- it was a little creepy.

I took a picture of me wearing my Sophia University sweatshirt. Um, I'm pointing at my towel drying because it's so tacky, and I wanted to point out to you that I'm tacky. H-wha?

Starting next week I'm going to start taking pictures of me every morning after I do my make up so you can see how awesome I am at doing my eye make up/make fun of me and ask me if I'm trying to look like Marilyn Manson O.O (please don't!!). Also, iMovie wont let me edit the video of me walking around, so I'll try to do another video at some point, because I haven't in a while, 'cause a creepy guy started sending me e-mails and apparently lives in the same apartment as me, so I'm trying not to give him incentive to try and find me. What the heck is with all these creepy people?

This blog is long, so you probably didn't read it all (shame!). I'll probably write another entry with all this energy, then you can choose between the two. Whatever happened to my grammar?


Edit (10-25 O.O) It's called echolocation. The bat radar thing. Peace.

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