Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Crap, I'll be in Need of a New Book Series Next Spring

So, it is announced, the next Percy Jackson book shall be the final one. It is called "The Last Olympian." I'm sure it will have a happy ending but I'll be sad to see it over nonetheless. It came at the perfect time to fill the Harry Potter-sized gap in my heart. The final book will be released May 5th. They're working on a movie of the first one right now, so be prepared for excitement!

The last of the Ember series also came out this summer (I haven't read it yet! Gah, the third one was awful though!). Why do all my children's book series come to endings so quickly? Um, not that Harry Potter ran for, what, 8 years or anything...

So, let's have it. Recommend a children's book series to me. Preferably one with books still being released. Preferably fantasy or sci fi. Preferably good O.o Obviously...

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