Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I am rich*

With love! No, not really. Er, I mean I am, but I'm the other rich as well. Or at least it feels that way, because my cash card is working now, and I withdrew moneys. Ahh. And I hid like $200ish in a very sneaky place. (Um, not really). There's no such thing as a sneaky place.

I thought about under my matress, but that's obvious AND cliched. Thought about the tank in the toilet, but we haven't any on the many in the restroom. They're all, MODERN, and stuff (like the button to push to hear the sound of water, making it easier to.. you know...). "Well," thought I, "Susan, this is a fine mess you are in" (http://www.mairakalman.com/elements.html- the dog. I always like that bag). And I thought and I thought and I thought.

And I put it somewhere else obvious. Less obvious? No, but elsewhere. Not in my Bible but not in my vase, neither. 'Cause there're flowers in it, and they deserve better!

I'm supposed to help out setting up for the Sophia Festival all day Friday with the Piano Club. I'm not sure what we've a need to set up. There's the piano, which kinda stays where it is, and flyers, which kinda take two minutes. Are we meant to help other groups? Are they assuming that we're that nice? Am I the only mean one who thinks about with with the words "Hells Uh-no" floating through her brain?

Anyway, "whatever it is, I'm not going to do it! I'm still a young [wo]man, you know. I've got prospects!"

Going to Harajuku tomorrow to pay my cell phone bill and ... oh, to pay my cell phone bill. OH, AND (ha) change the billing to take automatically from my Citibank account. Er.. CitiBank account. Maybe, I shall get a Starbucks whilest I'm there. Maybe I can prepare my study materials TONIGHT and study AT the Starbucks. That would just be too Seattle-ish, maybe. I'm too snobby for that backwardsness, having lived in (an hour away O.O) from the biggest metropolitan area in the world for two (one and a half) months now. P-shaw.

Anyway, Machiko, one of the freshman girls in piano club, wants to go to Tokyo Tower together. Yay! Maybe she doesn't think I'm creepy and I'm just INSANE. Which would justify her thinking me creepy, if she had. Oh, dear.

Wow, I just realized I didn't do my Japanese homework yet, since I was doing errands. Hecks. That kinda harshes my mellow. I need a banana to help it. Then you can call me mellow yellow. Quite rightly.

Anyway, better get to the homeworkings. See y'all laters. And I mean that in a non-literal way. Unless, by laters, I mean way laters. Which I do. So, in the end, I'm practically perfect in every way, like the Powerpuff Girls. Or ... someone else...



Anonymous said...

People also tend to put money in the freezer. That's just... strange.

My grandmother used to--actually, she probably still does--sew a little pocket into her bra, and put her most precious jewels and rings there.

That's just hilarious.

Cap'n Mandy said...

I thought about money in the freezer but then it'd be cold. I like my money HOT. Ha ha.

I could do that, and then benefit from the extra padding as well. But I have to wash my bras, every so often, and I might forget my cash. I'm not sure if Yen can handle a washing so well as USDs.