Friday, October 3, 2008

I am the Best Blog Updater in the Entire World

True dat!

Anyway, I'm so tired, I'm not sure my skin has even got the energy to hold my innards in- so I may randomly swell and explode. Luckily, I'm a non-corporeal being, so I'm good, either way. I don't even know if I used that word correctly...

So, this morning I had Intensive Japanese, like I do every weekday (as though I didn't just stat on Wednesday). Um, nothing much to report there. Isabel moved to Intensive 2 to try it out. My partner in crime-er- Japanese- is a girl from Germany named Margo(t) (I don't spell in German). She seems pretty nice but like EVERYONE (I mean it, everyone. I think even the cats and babies) she drinks (and a lot). I understand wanting a drink with dinner, especially if your young and whatever (I couldn't really come up with another reason) but why get drunk? Seriously, how is that pleasant? Don't these people ever get tired of hangovers?

So as to avoid the drinking crowd, I chose to join an English language Bible Study Class (yeah, for reals. I'm down with the JC... Um, no, I can't handle that whole "Jesus is my homeboy" thing). It wasn't very interesting and there were only four of us, including the very old priest. But it is something to do most fridays while EVERYONE (always caps?) is out getting drunk, clubbing, or mating with the whole of the nation (well, not EVERYONE, but close). We talked about what was meant by "the Word." I need to drink massive amounts of coffee next time- I must be a bad Christian because John 1 and 19 bored the hell out of me (and I just typed hell). But, the people were nice!

I really enjoyed my Intro to Performing Arts class. It'll be a lot of reading, but the teacher's great and the material exciting. I met a girl there (who's going to drop the class, because they want you to have taken a comp class first) named Kayoko who was REALLY nice and has trouble speaking English (so we spoke Japanese! Yay!) and we exchanged e-mails. She already texted me! It's her first quarter at Sophia, so she must be lonely? Maybe a new friend? <3

OH! And Mayumi is in the Intro to Performing Arts class! Yay! I met four of her friends (She is so crazy popular). I think at least one of them will stay in the class O.O I hope..

The trouble with today was that it was very tiring. And Isabel asked to borrow 10,000 Yen ($100 ish) because her bank card supposedly is not working (but I was there when she took money out) so I think she just overspent and is broke 'til the scholarship money. I can't be sure though, so I shouldn't be passing judgment. The thing of it is, I'm not sure I feel comfortable lending out money (especially that much) to someone I've only just met (especially when it's not really my money- if it was scholarship money it'd be different, but this is from my parents (hello, parents. I think you read this, don't you- so here's a shout out!)). I'm just parenthesy-happy today, aren't I?

I've been eating lunch out everyday (I think it's ok to eat one meal out a day, since I don't get any home cooked meals and it's exhausting just eating fruit and bread, because I'm too tired when I'm home to make anything) at this French bakery called "Croissant Cafe." It's really tasty- they have sandwiches on baguettes (small- perfect size), salads (dressing always on the side), and soups (which claim to be Japanese but are secretly Italian), plus fresh-squeezed OJ ('ll kill ya?). And it has a single stall bathroom big enough to fit my backpack in, so I can touch up my make up.

I saw a girl today at Tully's (first week of school ending called for ice cream -_- it is a fact. Don't judge me) that I met a few days ago, and she ignored me T.T But that's ok, 'cause I think she's kinda a bitch (did I say that out loud?). She said that people who buy water are idiots, which I think is idiotic (whoa). She's the sort of person that leads to mass dehydration. If she had an ecological reason, I could understand, but her reasoning was financial ("why don't they just buy tea?") so poo on her. Plus, she does drugs. In Japan. Bad decision. (Really bad). Still a little hurt my feelings, but only a little.

OH! And I found "Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman" at the college bookstore! In English! In Japan! I couldn't find it in the U.S., no matter how hard I looked! What the hey ho? What does this mean? And why are all the English language books so ridiculously overpriced? And why are the bags the books are put in all advertisement-y?

Nobody knows for sure, but I intend to find out! Reboot! (Wow. Nerdy pop culture reference...)

P.S. (but not really...) Elizabeth, if you are reading this, I've sent you a letter. Actually, I sent it whether you are reading this or not. Whoa.

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Liz said...

Yay for snail mail! Now we can be pen pals!! Like in the old days, when they would trade tips on outmaneuvering T-rexs!