Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm Too Tired*

To study for the test I have tomorrow. Maybe I'll just get an A as a gift from the divine others. Gah, or maybe I'll suck it up and actually study, durn it. But I'm not going to like it. So there.

Sometimes I wish that I was Godzilla or King Kong or the Blob (the Blob, really?) so that I could just crush everything to smithereens with my hulking limbs and not care, because I'd be too evil to care. Or too... animal/blobby. I used to play that game Rampage, where you were a giant monster, and you ate people and destroyed things and stuff. Good times. But then, things do tend to end poorly for those monster-beasts, canonically-speaking. So, maybe not.

Halloween. I really really really really really want to dress up and go to a party, but there really aren't any here that aren't based on booze. Or in shady areas. I'm seeing a play, which I'm excited about, but I'll be missing my favorite holiday. I'm ridiculously jealous of everyone back home, so make pumpkins and dress up, or I'll haunt you as the ghost of Halloweens past! You know, the girl ghost. She always reminded me of First Communion dolls. Er, the Muppet Version girl, I mean. Which is more true to the original story than you might think, Marleys vs. Marley aside.

Albee's insane. I've been reading The Goat, and everything's just way beyond my comfort level. I've also started and will need to finish Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, which has similar concepts, despite it being like 40 years younger. Anyway, he's crazy and a genius. Is it too much for me to ask to become a genius without going crazy? Or maybe just a little crazy? I think I can become crazy, but the genius bit seems to get a bit muddled away in the transformation. Silly silly mind.

I found a tea that doesn't taste like crap. That's not really a compliment, is it? Anyway, it's a fusion green tea made by Coca Cola, and while I won't say it tastes good, it isn't as "OMG, I think I'll burn my tongue out to save its non-physical pain." That wasn't even remotely cogent, was it? Anyway, the tea's not god-awful, so I've been drinking it instead. I'm a little sadistic, I think.

Went to Harajuku to pay my cell phone bill. Forty-bucks, including my insurance, which is about half. I"m pretty happy it's so cheap, especially considering a few calls back home ought've bumped it up a little. Hoorah for that. Took forever, though, which in Mandyland means about an hour. The fellow helping me was handsome though, but he kept going away to, you know, actually get my business taken care of. The things we do for productivity. Le sigh.

Lazarus/Hector/Zeno is missing still. I think he's run away. Or maybe he's been kidnapped? Then I can pay the ransom and get my roomie back. Figure he's what, 1/1000 (math skills, don't fail me now!) the size of a human, so he out to be 1/1000th the price. Which means, I'm willing to pay $10 O.O Don't get kidnapped, my pretties, for I am rather cheap. Exceedingly cheap. Dirt cheap? Wait a tick...

Nanowrimo's start is Saturday. Gah! Gah! I don't think I'll succeed this year. Pooh on me, for failing before the game begins, by having a negative attitude like that. I should just write a nonsense novel. Nonsense can't lose because if you just type randomness it's all nonsensically sensible. Hoorah. I'm too tired to write anything else. Best get to homework, which is something everyone should do when out of their minds.

Cheerio, loves!


Anonymous said...

"Halloween. I really really really really really want to dress up and go to a party, but there really aren't any here that aren't based on booze." I know EXACTLY how you feel. Some of the best Halloweens I ever had were as a kid attending the big costume party at my grade school. No drinks. Just volunteer s to administer candy and proctor games.

When you get back, you should throw a costume party, and forbid alcohol. I hate that the word "party" is synonymous with "alcohol." We could set things right and have a smashing (but not smashed) time.

Cap'n Mandy said...

Yay for belated Halloween parties. I was thinking about it- but I wasn't sure if everyone else would be like "we already DID this this year, ya mook". But any excuse to eat copious amounts of candy..