Thursday, October 2, 2008


This intensive course aims to consolidate fundamental knowledge on Japanese grammar by integrating four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Intensive practice focusing on communication skills will be provided. This course is desirable for students who wish to acquire solid foundations for their subsequent study of Japanese.

The objectives of this course are 1) to discuss and analyse performance texts as readers; 2) to analyse and critique artistic performance as viewers; and 3) to investigate the historical and theoretical underpinnings on how staged artistic representation reflects and shapes culture. In the readings, the major Western plays are from classical theatre, Shakespearean drama, and modern realistic and non-realistic drama, while the major Japanese plays are from nôgaku, kabuki, bunraku, and contemporary shôgekijô.

Survey of literature from the earliest surviving Japanese books to the final flourishing of classical poetics in the fifteenth century.

So, I'm going to be reading the ENTIRE Tale of Genji. For reals. All 1,118 pages. I've tried but this time, I must succeed! Because it's for a class... I also have the exact version that we're reading in class at home O.O I bought it for 50 cents at a garage sale. Guess how much I had to pay for this new one (by "new" I mean not the same exact copy- everything else is the same- I didn't even get the new 2009 cover image). Guess! Guess!

Okay, it was like $50. Then again, why am I complaining? Hoorah JASSO scholarship paying for my texts. Hrml, and parents.

Marc says that the price difference between 50 cents and 50 dollars is 5000% increase O.o Sorry, I'm talking to him while I type this. Are we impressed by Marc's math skills? Or is he crazy as a loon?

Japanese class is great so far. I've met four of the five professors (that's a lot of teachers!). Not too difficult but that's good because slower learning is better on the brain and I'm still learning a lot.

So, schedule:

9:15-12:30 (fifteen min break)- Intensive Japanese
3:15-4:45- Survey of Japanese Lit

9:15-12:30- Intensive Japanese
3:15-4:45- Intro to Performing Arts

9:15-12:30- Intensive Japanese

9:15-12:30- Intensive Japanese
3:15-4:45- Survey of Japanese Lit

9:15-12:30 Intensive Japanese
3:15-4:45- Intro to Performing Arts

Saturday and Sunday- OMG, no classes. I shall be so free~ I'm going to go look for baby clothes this weekend 'cause I saw so many cute ones but I didn't know the gender. Like, a really cute bear hat.

A lot of kids are hoping to go on weekend trips but I'm not planning to do many. There'll be a few Fridays off, so I could, but there's so much to see in Tokyo, you know? I want to go see the Rainbow Bridge! When I say Rainbow Bridge, I try to sound like Spongebob saying "imagination":

I hope that's the correct clip... I also do the sparkly eye thing. But mine sparkly eyes are less... spongey...

BTW, never drink coffee from Beck's. It is worse than Denny's. A LOT worse!

Also, if you gave me your address- like PUT it in my hand- there is a letter on the way to you. If you want mail, tell me! Otherwise, no pretty pretty card for you.


Edit: 1:30 into the clip, you'll see him say it.

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