Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wesley and Fred Talking

I don't know. This scene just really got to me, so I transcribed it, and posted it. Good writing (and acting, though you can't see it here). From Angel:

Fred: How did he and Cordy get all… coupley?

Wesley: They were probably as surprised as anyone. [Pause] But they were both lost, lonely…

Fred: No matter how lonely I was, I would never-

Wesley: Things happen, Fred. [Pause] When you’re alienated from the people who care about you, you start to look other places.

[Long silence]

Fred: Lilah.

Wesley: We were fighting on opposite sides, but it was the same war.

Fred: [Scoffs] But you hated her. [Long pause] Didn’t you?

Wesley: It’s not always about holding hands.

Edit: Wow, I misspelled Wesley like 85 times... but it's fixed now.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE love love this scene.

Cap'n Mandy said...

I watched it over and over >.< it was all- cool- and stuff. I am so eloquent.