Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Today Wasn't that Great

I basically went all the way to the Warabi Post Office (蕨郵便教区), which was over an hour out of my way, to pick up the debit card sent there by Citibank. I'm not sure why they can't just send it to my apartment; I think it has to do with Japan's National Security Act or something. Anyway, it wasn't there. I apparently have to wait until it gets sent back again (I missed the deadline?! I only signed up two weeks ago, how could they have sent it in less than a week?!). Then, coming back from the post office, which is in the boondocks, I got very very very very lost, for about two hours. I saw some nifty things but I was tired and cranky and didn't take any pictures to share with you O.O Sorry.

Anyway, on a more positive note, I met three little girls who'd never seen a foreigner (外国人) before. They were super excited and stared at me until I passed, then one shouted, "It is very nice to meet you!". I said "hello" back and they got very excited and started whispering "アメリカ人” (American). I think it's because I was wearing my cool shades, which are humongous.

I also found a huge fruit market close to the station, an "authentic" (hm) French bakery, and a South American food restaurant (it smelled sooooo good). I'm thinking of going back whichever day I don't go out with Kayoko this weekend. Then I can eat yummy South American (I'm thinking they mean Mexican, 'cause that's what it looked like) food, get some fruit and bread, and I forgot what else. But it's like $1.50 to go there and it's only one stop away! What a rip! Maybe it's the price for "laziness". I'd walk there but it still is a few miles and it's really easy to get lost. >.<

So, I'm going to the bank on Friday to withdraw money in person. It's going to be a little stressful, I think. I hope I can speak with someone who knows English. My technical Japanese isn't very confident. For example, at the post office:

Me: すみません我。あの。。。シチベンクは電話でかけました。ここにカッドがあると言ました。あの。。。このかんじが分りませんから、どちらのてがみがしりません。

Me (In English >.<): Excuse me. Um... I communicated with Citibank via the telephone. They said the card is here. Um... (showing three letters) I don't understand this kanji so I won't know which one.

At least they understood what I meant! The worst was the tense error at the end. "won't know" might not be a good translation, but basically, I'm NOT entirely saying that I'm currently in a state of not knowing. Plus, it's more "I'm not acquainted with" than "not sure." I just didn't want to use the same verb twice in one sentence >.< Lame me!

I didn't do very well on my quiz yesterday, d'oh! I made two really really obvious errors. As in, I misread. I think I must've been very tired yesterday. I'm kinda worried that not getting enough sleep is messing with my brain. But, what can I do? My neighbors are noisy and I'm paid through February, non-refundable. I'm contemplating planting drugs in their room so that they're deported and can never return -BWAHAHHA! Um... not really... Oh, but it would be easy, since it was such a pain in the neck to get all the paperwork for my Vicodin. If you don't have paperwork for that, it's SOL for you, missy.

Because I had such a rotten afternoon, and got home too late to call people to boot, on account of me being lost and all, I got fast food for lunch. Very unhealthy. But it made me sick O.O Which I guess means the calories are gone, hoorah! Wait... maybe not. Gah!

Almost done with Huck Finn. Just keeping y'all up to date on that. Then it's Austen's P+P. Following which, I'd better get started on Aesop for next month. 'Cause Nanowrimo's gonna keep me busy!

Um... homework's a drag? Tests bite the big one? Morning commute's the bane of my existence? Slang has slowly been creeping back into my vocabulary? And nobody understands what I'm saying? Horse hockey!

<3 Amanda

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